Soils & Soil Amendments


Suitable for certified organic gardens, a very rich mix of plant compost.

Super Blend

Excellent for flower and vegetable gardens, raised beds and potting. This mix can also be used to blend with existing soil in order to increase organic matter content. Our premium ready to plant soil!

Nitro Sawdust

Mix with soil to add organic matter and increase acidity. Also use to cover and protect seed from birds. Nitrolized to prevent leaching of nitrogen.


For breaking up and enriching the typical Bay Area clay soil. Contains high proportions of red lava and aged chicken manure.

Planting Mix

Excellent for raised beds and potting. This fertile blend has been well amended with chicken manure, rice hulls and grape seed compost. It is also great for mounding and general gardening.

Sod Blend

Made from a base of Sandy Loam, this fertile topsoil has been well amended with two Organic Materials Review Institute certified composts and nitrolized redwood sawdust, making it the perfect choice for lawns and sod.

General Landscaping Mix

This is the standard mix for all-purpose loam: a loam rich in organic amendments.