Our bricks are also supplied by McNear Brick & Block. They are clay bricks which come in various styles and colors. Aside from regular bricks, we also carry bullnose and double bullnose bricks, as well as some brick pavers. You can view the brick selection here. We also have many samples readily available to you at our store.

Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can be built using placement rocks, or with pre-fabricated blocks. We supply McNear Retaining Wall blocks, which come in different styles and colors. There are two kinds of McNear blocks: Versa-Lok, which require pins, and Handy-Scape, which are simply stacked one upon the other with a lip to keep them in place. The Handy-Scape should only be used for smaller walls (up to 3ft), whereas the Versa-Lok can go just about as high as you want. To get a better idea of what these look like, visit the retaining wall page on the McNear website here. Or better yet, come to our store to take a look at actual samples!

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