Base Rock

Our base rock comes in two varieties: virgin and recycled. Both of these are 3/4″ Class II base rocks. The visible difference between them is that the recycled base rock is brown, while the virgin is grey. The recycled base rock is less expensive, more eco-friendly, and can be used in any application where a class II base rock is required.

Drain Rock

We offer both a 3/4″ Crushed Drain Rock and a 3/4″ Round Drain Rock. This product can be used where drainage is required, and is ideal for French drains. Drain rock can also be used in driveways, or for filling in potholes.

Placement Rock

We have many different types of placement rock, from the simple and inexpensive Moss Rock to the dazzling and shiny Canadian Rock Candy. These can be purchased by the pallet, or by hand selecting. The cost is determined by the weight.