We sell premium quality sod grown by a Delta Bluegrass.

Sod orders must be placed two days in advance. Please inquire further for delivery information; sod brochures can be found in our office. The rolls of sod are 24″ x 60″ (10 square feet) or 4′ x 90′ (360 square feet). One pallet of sod is 600 square feet.

Some of the more popular sods available are:

  • Bolero Plus
  • Bolero
  • 90-10
  • Bluegrass
  • Shade Blend
  • Baby Bermuda (Golf Course)

There is also a great selection of Native grasses, such as Native Bent Grass, Native Mow free and Bio-filtration Sod.

We also carry the Sod & Seed Starter, to develop strong roots, as well as the Lawn Food, for quick and extended greening of your lawn.

Please call us with any questions you might have, or come to the store and pick up some brochures!

Mulch & Playground Fiber

Our colored mulches are made from recycled chips, including fir and pine wood, which are then colored with a non-toxic dye. Playground Fiber is commonly used in playgrounds and school yards; it is mostly comprised of cedar chips.

Shredded Bark

We carry both Shredded Redwood Mulch (often known as Gorilla Hair) and Cedar Mulch. Shredded Redwood is ideal for a garden design using native Bay Area plants. Both mulches cling well to sloped areas, to prevent soil runoff. Cedar Mulch also helps with pest control, as the oil found in cedar is a natural insect repellant.

Super Blend

Excellent for flower and vegetable gardens, raised beds and potting. This mix can also be used to blend with existing soil in order to increase organic matter content. Our premium ready to plant soil!

Fir Bark

Fir bark acts as a weed barrier, and helps retain moisture for the soil. We carry three sizes of fir bark, the 3/4″ being our most popular.

Planting Mix

Excellent for raised beds and potting. This fertile blend has been well amended with chicken manure, rice hulls and grape seed compost. It is also great for mounding and general gardening.

Sod Blend

Made from a base of Sandy Loam, this fertile topsoil has been well amended with two Organic Materials Review Institute certified composts and nitrolized redwood sawdust, making it the perfect choice for lawns and sod.